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Electroluminescence ( EL )

Electroluminescence technology delivers unique lighting solutions for situations that require flexibility and high visibility. From wearable light-up fashion to a cover for an entire building face.

Electroluminescence displays can be attached to nearly any surface, and are designed to withstand normal outdoor conditions. They are wafer-thin, light and flexible, and require little power.

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Mercedes – Key to Viano
Interactive Billboards

Under the slogan “Key to Viano”, passers-by were offered the unprecedented opportunity to control digital advertising displays using their own remote car keys.
Every time a remote car key — no matter for which brand of car — was operated, the side door of a digital
Viano opened, and different kinds of passengers descended the vehicle: sometimes weird, sometimes colourful, sometimes from another world. But they all had one thing in common: They strikingly demonstrated the impressive capacity of the Viano’s passenger compartment.

A passerby could, with a bit of luck, capture the film clip showing a Viano with chauffeur waiting for him. In this case, the Mercedes-Benz promotion team present on location invited the lucky winner to one of the Viano shuttles already waiting. The winner’s journey then continued as an exclusive VIP ride to his or her Berlin destination.

Plenty of time for the winners and their companions to convince themselves of the many merits of the Viano.


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