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A Loja Vazia – The Empty Shop

A São Paulo mall creates an empty store, to be filled with donated fashion looks.

We’ve all done it: you go to the mall, you buy something, maybe even a lot of things, then you go home and work some magic in order to fit all of these new goods into your already full closet.

[…] Envisioned as a new way to collect clothing donations, “A Loja Vazia” (The Empty Shop), created by agency Loducca, São Paulo, is a clean, crisp space that sits in the middle of the mall as a depository for clothing that people no longer need.

[…] All donated clothing is unloaded from the store each evening, leaving an empty shop for the process to begin again each morning.

After collecting nearly 3.2 tons of clothing and garnering interest from shopping malls across the globe, the concept has been open sourced, so store blueprints, communication kits, and visuals are now available to anyone who’s interested.

(Source: Co.CREATE)

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eBays physical interactive store.

eBay have teamed up with toy retailer Toys for Tots to develop an innovative ‘Give a Toy’ charity this Christmas. The ‘Give a Toy Store’ is an interactive virtual store through which shoppers can easily select gifts between $2 and $25 to donate to kids in need. The virtual store exists as a website, mobile site and a Facebook page. (The Facebook page already has over 1.2mil likes.)

But most engaging of all are the physical shop windows in New York and San Francisco. Here, shoppers can interact with the windows by scanning QR codes with their phone to trigger fun animations and make a donnation.

This is a smart program which delivers on several levels. It not only supports a very worthy cause, it also provides a convenient way for busy shoppers to make a donation (which is a genuinely valuable service at this time of year). From a purely commercial perspective, eBay’s strategy of getting people who are actively shopping physical stores to stop, pull out their smart phone and switch to the online channel is incredibly smart. Particularly to reinforce the values of fun, convenience and altruism while they’re doing it.

The specifics of eBay’s strategy aside. There is a lot that retailers with physical stores can learn from this interactive and transacting window. Why should you stop selling just because your shop is closed?


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